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Peter Muzyka

Madison, Ge


I was raised on a farm in rural Pennsylvania and whenever I got the chance, I drew and eventually painted. I started learning advanced art techniques in the mid 1960's under Pennsylvania artist Andrew Palencar. He had a mastery of old masters' styles and took the time with a few of his serious art students to help us develop our skill levels. In the 70's I studied painting and illustration techniques under popular animal artists Robert C. Kray and George Luther Schelling. I won 1st place in oils and acrylics for a train painting in the US Navy-wide Juried Art Show in Norfolk VA in 1974 and later was selected to develop murals related to the National Bicentennial in Luzerne County, PA. In the 70's, I received many commissions for portraits and other works for private estates including a portrait from life of the actor Jack Palance.

I moved my family to Georgia in 1982 and began painting in egg tempera which I had started to learn years earlier. Georgia's landscape, its deteriorating farm houses, old plantations, colorful earth and plant life became my chief interest. Painting the vanishing old farmhouses, cotton mills and other farming structures which reflect the colors and textures of nature has moved me to present natures' way of reclaiming what man has created but abandoned. In most of my personal work, I try to achieve a sense of proportion between nature and manmade structures. I also work in India ink with a crow quill pen and occasionally in oils, watercolor and other medium.

In 1989, my egg tempera painting 'Georgia Lace' was chosen for purchase by the Georgia Arts Acquisition Program. Since then I have had several co-op and one-man shows in Georgia, both in Madison and in other locations such as Milledgeville, Cartersville, Rome, Athens and Atlanta.

In 1997, I received an honorable mention in the Georgia Watercolor Society'ôs annual juried show in Gainesville, Georgia. In 1998, my painting 'In The Roundhouse' was juried into the top 100 touring exhibit by the National Foundation for the Arts for the Parks in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The painting along with the other 99 depicting our National Parks traveled to several locations across the United States and sold to a private collector in New Orleans while on tour.

I continue to explore the relationships between man and his environment through landscapes and abandoned buildings being reclaimed by wildlife for habitat. My work appears in public and private collections in the United States, England, Japan, South Korea, Belguim, Canada, and Mexico.


Past Its Prime by Peter Muzyka


A Murder of Crows by Peter Muzyka


Rifle Range Road Farmhouse by Peter Muzyka


Alice Walker Homestead by Peter Muzyka


Aspens in the Tetons by Peter Muzyka


Schoodic Daffodils by Peter Muzyka


Window on the Past by Peter Muzyka


The Old Brick Mill Window by Peter Muzyka


Doorway to the Past by Peter Muzyka


Window on Georgia by Peter Muzyka


Georgia Valley in Autumn by Peter Muzyka


Feeding Frenzy by Peter Muzyka


Beyond the Gate by Peter Muzyka


Frigid Flow by Peter Muzyka


Smith Creek in Autumn by Peter Muzyka


Autumn Leaves Floating Downstream by Peter Muzyka


Light Flittering Downstream by Peter Muzyka


The Old Mill at Shoulderbone by Peter Muzyka


Storm Clouds by Peter Muzyka


Abandoned Rural America Poster by Peter Muzyka


Lehigh Valley Coal Car by Peter Muzyka


In The Roundhouse by Peter Muzyka


Cold Abandoned by Peter Muzyka


Around the Bend by Peter Muzyka


Virginia Highlands Farm by Peter Muzyka


Beyond the Fence by Peter Muzyka


Split Rocks on Maine Coast by Peter Muzyka


Wetlands near Darien Georgia by Peter Muzyka


Bar Harbor Boats by Peter Muzyka


Nature at Bay by Peter Muzyka


Acadia Morning by Peter Muzyka


Crashing on the Rocks by Peter Muzyka


Sanibel Heron by Peter Muzyka


Anna Ruby Falls in Autumn by Peter Muzyka


Visions of America by Peter Muzyka


Spring Hay by Peter Muzyka


Pink Explosion by Peter Muzyka


Watt a Bird by Peter Muzyka


Surveying the Snow by Peter Muzyka


Fluttering at the Window by Peter Muzyka


Flickering Flames by Peter Muzyka


Dancers on Clouds by Peter Muzyka


Fairplay Farmhouse by Peter Muzyka


Bee in a Bonnet by Peter Muzyka


3 Bees by Peter Muzyka


Gray Farm Building by Peter Muzyka


Bulldog Country by Peter Muzyka


Nolan Corners Farmhouse by Peter Muzyka